When a little girl dreams of being President, that dream can finally be a reality.

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It was Saturday morning and I was sleeping in on my day off. I was awoken by my wife who couldn’t contain her excitement. Half asleep and with one eye open I am trying to make out what she is saying. I few seconds pass and I wake a little more. Then I hear it, loud as a church bell across town. Biden and Harris won!!!!!

I think I’m still asleep, so I sit up and grab my phone to fact check my wife’s breaking news. Sure enough, she was correct. Biden won with 273 electoral votes and counting.

My wife was almost in tears with emotion. Now, this is a tough broad. She hardly ever cries. “Finally,” she said. I cleaned myself up and got up to watch the live coverage alongside her. …

Dealing with grief was easier with this show in my toolbox.

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Why is grief so absolutely weird? If I could sum it up in two words, they would be these: “You’re screwed!!!!”

I’m a researcher. So, my first line of defense was to research everything I could find on grief. Specifically, I searched how to navigate the fuckery that is losing a child. I have read books, articles, and blog posts. I didn’t stop there. I asked for advice from the unfortunate club that you never want to be a part of, — the mothers of deceased children. …

A brief and straightforward explanation

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I’m tired of hearing BLM. They weren’t even the first slaves. Why are black people so extra? Why do their lives matter and ours don’t? All lives matter. Blue lives matter. More white people are killed than black people every year by the police.

Similar comments appear on social media, viral videos, news outlets, email, postal mail (if you can believe it), and in-person conversations. I have not met a week since the horrific death of George Floyd, that I don’t hear statements such as the ones listed above.

The 1st Amendment allows freedom of speech, thus our feelings to be shared. I say feelings because this is where these type statements come from. They are not based on logic nor critical thinking. They are based on emotions. Whether you have hate or love in your heart, some minds have taken a backseat to this debate recently. …

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Your Ex cannot accept the truth that your relationship is over. Done. Finito. Ya se acabo. With the denial of acceptance, the desperate ex-partner creates an unhealthy manifesto on how to win you back or bug the heck out of you trying.

Most people are familiar with the term malware, and it’s abilities to make life challenging for those infected. If you don’t, here’s a quick rundown. Malware is a virus. Short for malicious software. Malicious by definition is:

: having or showing a desire to cause harm to someone : given to, marked by, or arising from malice malicious…

And then I got a call from the police

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I received an unexpected call from an unknown number that gave me pause. I have Google screen my calls, so I knew it must have been a business professional as they stated that they wished to speak to Mrs. Duran. I quickly answered and was introduced to the Captain of the New Mexico State Police Department.

I was wary of the reasoning behind the call. I didn’t know what to expect of Mr. Captain. I was curious enough, so I humored the man. …

Here is what I could have done differently

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What have you done to combat the divide in our country, within the social media realm?

Scrolling through any social media news feed today, you might see an eccentric array of posts ranging from positive uplifting and rhetoric to verbal vomit that is sprinkled ever so delightfully for good measure. A common theme of the most popular posts goes a little something like this -

Black lives Matter, all lives matter, blue lives matter, Trump 2020, Democrats did this and did that, racism… racism… racism.. Biden 2020. Peaceful protest, riots, propoganda, cities burning to the ground, lynching black men and woman, another black man killed by the police, police brutality, coronavirus and so on. …

The stigma about domestic violence and lesbians.

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Photo by Jasmin Sessler on Unsplash

Are you the boy or the girl in the relationship? I hear that question a lot. Or, at least I used to when I was just a baby lez. The world is a bit more informed these days, for the ones that are listening anyways. So I don’t get that question anymore. By the way, in case you were wondering, the answer is a girl. Duh! We are both girls, that’s literally the only requirement to being in a lesbian relationship.

Apart from both of us having lady parts, a lesbian relationship is not very different from a straight relationship. We date, we go on vacation, we laugh, we cry and annoy the shit out of each other once in a while too. …

A Murder by the Albuquerque Police Department.

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Gabriel Romero Graduation 2017 Albuquerque, NM — Photo by Jay Duran

In a couple of days, it will be my son’s 21st birthday. Twenty-one is the age where he is finally considered a man. He is an official adult, deemed by society because he is legally old enough to drink and smoke. He would be so excited for this day to come. Except, he isn’t here to celebrate it. He is in an urn on the mantel above our fireplace.

Gabriel Romero was just a nineteen-year-old kid when Albuquerque Police Officer Douglas Moore shot him with a department-issued rifle nine times. His last words were, “Stop… Stop. Stop!!!”

The officer didn’t stop. But Gabriel’s heart did.

I was blissfully unaware of the incident that occurred that afternoon. I didn’t find out from the police department that my son was killed on the scene and didn’t make it to the hospital. He was carried out in a body bag, not on a stretcher. …

A planning guide for small financial emergencies on a budget

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We’ve all been there. Broke as a joke. Do you have a plan B? Did you even have a plan A?

Some people plan diligently every last detail of life. I am not one of those people. The majority of you readers aren’t one of these persons either. Read on for a few tips I’ve learned along the way.

Living in the moment is great and all. And as boring a topic as this is, we still have to plan ahead. Now calm down, I am not talking about your 401 K and IRA and all that jazz. I am talking about this week or this month. Stretch it even to this year. These are short-term goals. It’s not enough to just start thinking about your goals. Get it down somewhere. Write it in a notebook, a sticky note, a calendar, or even task it in your phone. …

Navigating business registration and taxes for the gig economy in NM

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This topic was one of the hardest to get information on. It still is. I searched through forums and help pages. I searched through Tax software pages and videos. Every state is different, so the information out there again was GENERAL. Ahhhhh!!! There’s that word again. I needed more. I wanted more. I am still in the process of learning first hand what the tax season holds for me. I will, of course, keep you updated. In the meantime, here is what I have learned about taxes in NM regarding Sole Proprietorship / Independent Contracting. Yes, people. You are your boss! …


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